If it’s a little over Thanksgiving, chances are you’re itching to start working out again. As you had your run around the park, you felt a sense of accomplishment for this initial feat. As you were taking off your shirt, you felt the wind on your skin and chilled you to the bone. You thought you had dressed accordingly—but apparently didn’t get the memo. Did you get your clothing wrong for the season?

Joy and Misery

When you’re shopping for workout clothes, you want something you’d be ‘happy’ to workout with. You’d want the comfort. You’d want to feel confident and good about yourself as you’re doing burpees and lunges like Arnold Schwarzenegger. But when you choose the wrong set of clothes, every workout may feel look like Richard Simmons. You should think of gym wear as an investment for yourself. You are buying comfort and durability, two key elements that are sure hits when you think about activewear.

Getting started on a workout can be a challenge most of the time for others. And gym clothes shouldn’t be one of your excuses for missing out on those burpees.

Comfort and Style

Stay away from rubber or irritating fabrics that rub on your skin with repetitive movements. Go for clothing that you can move about freely. It shouldn’t be too loose that it dangles out and distracts you from focusing on your workout.

Be more concerned with the fit than the size. Most workout clothes tend to be smaller so it’s form hugging. Lightweight fabrics such as neoprene are good options to avoid moisture retention on the fabric. If you’re uncomfortable with form-fitting fabrics, go for clothing with some percentage of spandex. This type of clothing gives you the same flexibility to that of a form-fitting type and comfort without being too skin-tight.

Will It ‘Wick’?

When you’re doing Yoga, you are looking at buckets of sweat. Perspiration is inevitable hence the need to keep the base layer dry. Lycra and polypropylene fabrics are common types of activewear for this type of workout. It’s also dual purpose: warm during winter but cool enough after a hot summer day workout. It’s lightweight and keeps moisture out. Unlike cotton, this type actually keeps you ‘odour-free’ for the rest of the workout!

Fit Just Right

It’s not uncommon for you to hide under baggy layers of clothing during your initial workouts. You’d like to keep all things ‘hidden’ from the world-until such time that you developed the muscles and physique similar to that of a god or goddess. Brands such as Iron Tanks Gym Gear offer various activewear and gym equipment for neophytes and regular gym goers. When you pick the right outfit, you’d want to wear something that plays on your assets. If you’re a little unsure about playing with colours and prints, you can go for the basic black. This never goes out of style.

Choosing activity-appropriate clothing is important. When you’re cycling, wearing baggy clothing can be a hindrance to this workout. You can’t wear flowing tops especially when you’re doing a downward dog during Yoga. If you’re unsure, you can opt for skin-fitting neoprene clothing since this is the standard for most workouts.