Helping people improve their life through food is one of the most fulfilling aspects of nutrition-related jobs. Since everyone needs food to survive, you’ll never run out of venues where you can offer your professional service. If you love food and are interested on how they work in our body, pursuing a career in nutrition is one of your best options.

There are plenty of venues for these types of careers. You can work on health care facilities, schools and food manufacturing companies. You can also choose to work on research labs if you love exploring the nutritional content of different kinds of food.

What is a Nutritionist?

A nutritionist in interested on what food does to our body and how it affects our health. They also study how certain nutrients in our food help in fighting and preventing some illnesses. Their main goal is to educate people on choosing nutritious foods to help achieve a healthy lifestyle. They can also help people manage their health conditions by creating food plans that suit them. Nutritionists may work privately and offer consultations. On the other hand, they may also work on hospitals, fitness centres, schools, food manufacturing companies and community centres.

The Difference between Nutritionists and Dietitians

Nutritionists and dietitians are two terms that are usually interchanged. However, their main difference is their legality. A dietitian is a nutritionist having a specialized certification. To become a registered dietitian, you must finish a 4-year degree, complete an internship and pass the national exam for dietitians. They can work on the same areas a nutritionist can. There are also online jobs for dietitians that enable them to receive consultation at home. All dietitians are nutritionists but it is not possible the other way around.

On the contrary, there are lesser regulating rules for nutritionists. Some states require licensure or certification for nutritionists but others are not really strict with the legalities of this profession.

Other Nutrition Jobs

Aside from nutritionist and dietitian, there are still other jobs that require specialization in the nutrition field.

  • Food Product Development Scientist – If you love creating new food, this job is perfect for you. Their main task is to develop food products with improved nutritive value without compromising its taste. Creating ways to improve the quality of food product under a controlled cost is also one of tasks they commonly do.
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialist – Assuring that the food manufactured by the company complies with the state laws and regulations is the main job of these workers.
  • Food Labelling Specialist – They make sure that all the manufactured food products are labelled completely – from the nutritional facts, ingredients, allergen warnings and many more.
  • Corporate Wellness Consultant – Their main job is to maintain the wellness of employees through healthy eating habits and exercise. They can also conduct seminars on stress management and proper nutrition.
  • Humanitarian Nutritionist – Their job is to deal with hunger and malnutrition problems on developing countries or disaster-stricken areas. They evaluate the nutritional gaps and create a food supply system that can fill in that problem. Treating malnutrition in children and educating people on healthy food choices is also their focus.

There are vast opportunities for nutrition-related careers. If you think you have what it takes, don’t hesitate to enrol in a nutrition course and achieve the future you’ve been dreaming of.