What you wear when working out greatly affects your feeling during and after the exercise. Comfort is the most essential factor to be considered when choosing workout clothes. When you are comfortable, you are also more confident in moving around especially when you’re at the gym. Here are some simple tips to remember to help you choose the perfect workout clothing.

Choose Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

There are basically two types of fabric in what we wear – one that is absorbent and the other which is moisture-wicking. Pick garments made from fabric that wicks moisture from the skin such as polyester and Lycra. They draw sweat away from the body into the fabric’s surface so it dries quickly. No matter how much you sweat while exercising, you’ll still feel dry and comfortable without the sticky feeling. Avoid cotton clothes when exercising because they are good in retaining moisture. Also, choose workout clothes with breathable fabric to keep you cool. Shop at brickcityvillin.com for stylish, durable and quality workout wear for men and women. 

Get the Right Fit

When choosing workout clothes, it is necessary to get one that fits you right. The right fit actually depends on the type of exercise you’re doing. For example, when you’re doing exercises which involve lots of leg movement such as running or biking, avoid loose-legged pants because they can restrict leg movement. If you’re doing yoga, fit and stretchy clothing works best for you. Simply keep in mind to choose a fit that won’t restrict your movement while you workout.

Change Depending on the Season

Of course, what you wear during summer months as you workout is a lot different with what you wear during winter. Just like regular clothing, workout clothes also change with the season. During summer, the best and most comfortable workout wear are those made from breathable and sweat-wicking fabric to keep your body temperature cool and stay dry and comfortable even when you sweat a lot. In winter months, add some layers to your regular workout wear such as a jacket or sweater. It’s cold outside but you’ll feel warmer when you start exercising so you’ll need to remove your the insulating layer. When it’s rainy, choose a waterproof outer layer so you won’t get soaked along the way.

Essential Activewear for Women

When you’re still starting out, here are the essential items you need to prepare before you make your way to the gym.

  • Leggings – Plain black leggings are the most popular pick of women when working out. Select one that is stretchy, breathable and moisture-wicking.
  • Workout Tees – Dri-fit tees are perfect for working out since they dry sweat quickly. Some variants even have an anti-odour technology so you’ll stay fresh even after your workout.
  • Sports Bra – This is different from the regular bra because it provides more back, shoulder and chest support as you exercise. It is designed to fit well so it moves with you as you exercise.

Wearing the right exercise wear surely helps keep you comfortable and cool during and after your workout.