Your skin can be easily damages as it is exposed to the environment. Age, harmful weather conditions and many other external factors can affect the skin and damage it. There are many remedies and treatments that you can try to get smooth, fresher looking skin. Take a look at the laser treatment methods mentioned below and their benefits.

What are Laser Treatments?

Laser skin treatments is a cosmetic treatment procedure that uses laser light beams to cure the skin of unwanted hair, marks and scar and wrinkles by removing the damaged skin or the unwanted hair. The method directs short concentred light beams to the affected area removing the damaged skin layer.

Skin Conditions that Can Be Treated Through Laser

There are many conditions that can be cured. Among them are tattoos, aging skin. Acne scars, birthmarks, dark circles, frown lines, brown spots, scars, uneven tone. Basically you can use this technology to remove any unwanted mark or line on your skin.

Types of Laser Treatments

There are many types of treatment methods that use lasers. One of them is the ablative lasers. This method is used in cases where the outer layer of the skin needs to be removed to reduce the pigmentation of that are. Carbon dioxide lasers and Yttrium-Aluminium-Garnet are two types of procedures under ablative lasers. Non ablative method uses a laser that works beneath the surface of the skin, tightens the skin and encouraging the growth of collagen. The pulsed dye laser works by targeting the blood vessels and making them to shrink, turning the skin less red. This is used to treat conditions such as spider veins. YAG laser is useful in removing tattoos and vascular lesions. It is also the type of treatment that is used in hair removal. Alexandrite laser can remove tattoos, sun damage and birthmarks. The method uses heat created emitted through high energy light.

How Quick Are the Results?

The results depend on the type of treatment method you have chosen. Small treatments have generally a fast recovery time and you will probably be able to see the results in one week. However, bigger treatments or covering bigger areas on skin will take more time to recover.

How Safe Is It?

There are some side effects that are being identified as results of laser treatments. This include infections, cold sores as well as blisters and temporary hyper pigmentation. Nut these methods can be avoided to a great extent when both the patient and the professional in charge of the treatment follows the right medical procedures before starting the treatments. With the development of technology there are many type of laser pigmentation removal methods that are being introduced in to the world of beauty and fashion. You can always talk to a consultant and choose a remedy that will have the best effect on you and will have no harmful side effects on your body.

This method is one of the most effective ways to remove scars and wrinkles from your skin and give it a newer, younger look. Consult a doctor and get your appointment as soon as possible for your own laser treatment.