Pregnancy can truly be a different experience for many women, no two experiences are the same between women. It is a magical yet challenging experience that changes the mother both physiologically, mentally and emotionally. Being a mother matures a woman and her innate maternal instincts kick in the minute she becomes pregnant. When talking about a pregnancy, what is spoken of the most is the baby and we tend to sometimes overlook the mother, that is, her health and how she is to prepare for the inevitable birth of the baby. Her health during the pregnancy is what determines the baby’s health and so both the mother and father should pay extra attention to ensure that the mother maintains her health throughout her pregnancy. When referring to health, it is important to remember that not only is her physical health important but her mental health is even more important. Mental health is directly linked to hormonal levels in the body, changes in the mental state can alter hormones levels in the body of the mother, directly exposing the baby to them. Some hormones can have harmful effects on the baby particularly ones such as the stress hormones. Below are a few preparation ideas for moms to be.

Your Happiness Is Key

This is something to remember as the mother and to be aware of as the father. The happiness of the mother is important not only because she is the one carrying the baby but because it affects the baby on so many levels. It doesn’t determine the baby’s mood or state of mind but rather has more biochemical effects on the baby which will have a further impact as he or she grows up to be their own individual. For a blissful maternity, try not to stress about insignificant things. Avoid getting into unnecessary arguments that heat up and make you unhappy. Always prioritize yourself and do things that will enable you to stay calm and happy.

Nutrition Is Very Important

You are what you eat; the molecules in food are the ones that end up being the building blocks and molecules that form the structures of you. So quite literally, you are what you eat. This applies very significantly to you and your baby when you are pregnant. What you feed yourself is what gets incorporated into the baby which in turn determines their growth. Take nutrition very seriously and get good food into your system. Take some prenatal vitamins and supplements especially folic acid which is highly essential for the baby’s brain development. Cravings can be quite hard to battle and you shouldn’t feel too bad for giving in as long as you remember to consume all the other essential nutrients required for the baby’s development.


Even thinking about exercise with a massive belly can seem like a nightmare but what exercise means for a pregnant woman is not what you would normally do. Simple exercises such as going for a walk can have great benefits for the mother and the baby. It is important to be active and maintain a good blood flow throughout the body during pregnancy.