The number of medical specializations has tremendously grown over the years. For an ordinary person without medical knowledge, it is difficult to know which one is the right choice for a specific need. Because of this, it is common for some to end up consulting a different doctor, only to be told that he should consult a doctor of different specialization. Time is wasted in the process. However, if you know the basic and common ones, you could have cut the chase. Hence, the list below aims to provide you with some information about the medical specializations that you should consider.

Children’s Behaviour

It is common for parents to consult a Pediatrician for their children’s needs. However, a general Pediatrician might not be the right choice when it comes to your children’s behaviour. Instead, it is better to consult a Developmental Pediatrician if you encounter communication, mental, or behavioural problems with your children. They specialize in treating autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder cases.

Heart Rhythm

If you are encountering problems with your heart rhythm or arrhythmias, the first thing that can come into mind is going to a Cardiologist. However, you would need a specialist for your case. Hence, you should consult a Cardiac Electrophysiologist as they are specifically trained to treat health problems concerning the heart’s electrical system.


The increasing knowledge in the medical field has compelled health practitioners to consider not only physical health but also mental health. Although psychiatrists are crucial whenever mental health problems come up, it is also essential to consult a psychologist for anxiety. They initially conduct psychological testing to determine the individual’s mental state. After which, the psychiatrist can come in to prescribe proper medication.


Although Pediatricians diagnose and treat young people until they reach the age of 18, a new branch in the medical field has emerged to particularly cater to the adolescents – Adolescent Medicine Specialist. They are specifically trained to handle diseases among teenagers.

Pregnant Women

Traditionally, pregnant women consult an Obstetrician for their pregnancy issues. They monitor and guide the women through their 9-month voyage. However, such would only be ideal for women with low risk pregnancy. If a woman experiences high risk pregnancy or suffers from a chronic medical condition, having a Perinatologist on board is more ideal as these specialists have undergone a rigid maternal-fetal medicine training to equip them with the knowledge appropriate for such circumstances.


Usually, a parent brings her newborn child to a Pediatrician. However, a Neonatologist is more appropriate for such as they specialize in disorders among newborns, including the premature ones and those with born with infections. In fact, these health practitioners could be commonly found in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

The medical field is such a vast area of science. For an ordinary person who does not have any medical knowledge, it could be overwhelming. However, if you familiarize yourself with the specializations enumerated above, this could greatly aid you in reducing the time looking for the appropriate health practitioner for your health needs.