Photo of Man Jumping

Extreme sports such as bungee jumping give you a rush that most other activities will not give you, this feeling comes from the illusion of being in danger. But that is all it is, an illusion, in reality, companies take every effort necessary to make sure you are in a safe environment. However, that being said, it is still extremely important to look up the company you intend on visiting, just to be on the safe side. Here are a few things you can look into to make sure you are in the safest hands.

Equipment and Personnel

Sports like bungee jumping are incredibly reliant on the equipment at hand and the people handling them, it is not an exaggeration to say that your life depends on the quality of these two things. Reviews left by former customers is always a reliable source of information about the quality of service and even any issues that were present with the equipment provided. It is very important to only use companies that provide their own equipment. Prioritise quality over cost since a few dollars could be the difference between a good and bad bungee jumping experience. Once you are on-site, make sure to inspect the equipment provided to you, things you should examine are the harness if it is worn out and if it is padded so it doesn’t cause rope burn or any other avoidable injuries. Also look out for where the tie-off and the base ropes are tied to; a sturdy location is essential for this! Refuse to use any old or badly maintained equipment, even if you are offered a lower cost, it is not worth the risk.


The location of the jump is incredibly important. Ensure that your jump will be clear of obstructions and that your rope will keep you well off the ground, taking the stretch of the rope into account. While some companies have a safety net underneath, this is not necessary and could actually take away from the perfect experience so do not worry if one is absent. The sturdiness of the jumping platform is very important as you should be able to stand on it safely until it is time for your jump.


Finally, it is your responsibility to determine if your current health conditions are appropriate for bungee jumping. Individuals with back and neck ailments should avoid jumping since the recoil from the jump could seriously worsen any existing condition. Since bungee jumping causes the body to release a ton of adrenaline, potential customers with heart conditions should strictly avoid taking part, however it is possible to consult a doctor and get their medical approval on one’s fitness to bungee jump. Pregnant women should also refrain from jumping as the harness is tied around the abdomen and has the potential to cause severe damage to the foetus when the mother’s body experiences the recoil from the jump. For more information, it is worth looking up bungy taupo for more information on potential health concerns and other essential need-to-knows.

Once you’ve checked all this out, you can rest assured that your bungee jumping experience will be nothing more than what it was intended to be, an illusion of danger.