It is normal to feel like you have to go back and double check on something, like for instance, whether or not you have locked the door. But, if you do suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, these thoughts that nag you and make you fixate on something above a normal level, can be so bad that they interfere with your day to day life. In short, OCD is an anxiety disorder that is characterized by unwanted thoughts that are uncontrollable and also some ritualized behaviours like wanting to remove your slippers in the exact same position and location every time. In such cases you already know that your behaviour is irrational but you do not have the ability to break free of them.

What Happens In OCD?

Just like how an old record would get stuck in one place, OCD causes your brain to get stuck on the particular thought or even an urge. For example, you may wash your hands about twenty times during cooking or check the stove thirty times to make sure it is turned off. These actions will not give you any mental peace in the long run, but just for that fleeting moment, patients may experience a sense of relief from the anxiety that they would feel if they did not carry out their urge. Getting the right OCD treatment at MHM Psychology is your best bet. You would try to self-medicate which can be dangerous if you take the wrong dosage or drug, therefore go to the right professionals.

What Are The Obsessions And Compulsions Like?

Obsessions are In fact, involuntary thoughts, impulses or even images that occur on repeat in your mind. You don’t necessarily need to have any of these thoughts, but then again you certainly can’t stop them. Unfortunately, these compulsive opinions can, more often than not, be troubling and disturbing. Compulsions are behaviours or sometimes also rituals that will make you feel compelled to perform a useless activity over and over again. Usually, compulsions are given into by most people in the hopes that the anxiety will go away if they do so. For instance, certain individuals who are anxious of uncleanness, have a habit of to grow rather elaborate and nearly painfully meticulous cleaning rituals. Though, the relief is never somewhat that persists for a long period of time. In fact, the obsessive views are recognized to come back tougher with time. The behaviours and rituals that you carry out, may become more demanding over time, leading to anxiety even more.

Most Common Categories of OCD

Many people with OCD fall into one of these categories; washers who are always afraid of contamination and is always scrubbing and washing. Checkers who keep checking things repeatedly like stoves, pipes, lights and the likes, believing that they may be at danger as they left something turned on. Doubters or sinner grapple with the thought that if something is not done perfectly something really bad will happen.

Counters and arrangers are always obsessed with symmetry and order and they are also mostly superstitious. Hoarders believe that if they throw something away something bad will come to pass. Therefore they hoard items that they do not need like empty bottles, old papers and pretty much anything else.