Running a marathon is no easy task. it takes months or even years of practice, to season your body and train it well enough to go through all that endurance so you can keep going and finish the race in style. First you need to mentally prepare yourself to be ready to take up the challenge. Your motivation and self-discipline are key to success, not simply physical fitness. So here are some things you can do to prepare for the upcoming marathon.

Get The Essentials

Running shoes is essential for a good marathon. Do not start off your first run in the shoes you use to mow the lawn or head to the store. They should be proper athletic shoes that are long-lasting and high quality. The comfort and mechanism of the shoes will help you in catching up speed, keeping your feet and spine away from injuries and will also ensure ultimate comfort. Head down to the local sportswear store and the storekeeper will help you find the best pair as per your requirement. Try on many types, walk around and also ask about the return policy. Next, a pair of running prescription sunglasses will help immensely with regard to those long runs under the sun.

Think Time, Not Distance

You will easily focus on the distance you cover every day than the time you take. Of course running 25 miles is great but if you took an entire day for it, it isn’t very effective. So, time your runs and calculate the distance each time. This way, you can add five more minutes into your workout than adding a whole mile into your run. The workouts don’t have to consist only of running but rather your entire workout should be timed.

Nutrition Practices

Your meals need to be highly regulated if to get in great shape. You can download meal plans for marathons. The meals will mostly be light but nutritious so that you won’t feel any discomfort while running. You may also take in energy drinks and snacks on the way that have digestible calories. Do not wait till the last moment to practice proper eating habits. The earlier you start, the better your body will agree with the lifestyle you plan to have.

Race Simulation

As your race gets closer, you will need to have a practice run that represents the real race. Pick a nice flat course that could be used for the total distance of the race. Gear up and start. Identify your pace as you go along. Start slow during the first 6 miles, pick up the pace in the mid-section and slowdown in the end section. Keep in mind your pace, take note of your pulse and ensure you are fit enough to run. There could be things that could go wrong such as your health deteriorates, your shoes don’t seem to be helping you, the run is taking longer than you expected etc. noting these down will help you find solutions next time.