Many people are nervous to go to a dentist as they fear there can be pain due to some of the treatments or cleanings that may take place. It can be debilitating in some which will result in them never going to the dentist in the first place. This can create a whole lot of problems as oral health issues will not be identified at the onset and it can give rise to build up of tartar, gum disease, formation of cavities etc. that will severely affect your quality of life.

One of the solutions that are available for those who fear visits to the dentist is sedation. Sleep dentistry or conscious sedation is a procedure that enables you to relax with the use of sedatives. There are different methods used for sedation such as IV sedatives, oral, gas etc. This will reduce the sensitivity to pain and it will lower anxiety levels as well. If this is something that you are interested in, you can ask for more information from your dentist in Mount Druitt. You will be able to alleviate your anxiety regarding the dental procedure you are going in for and it will create a pleasant experience that will affect future dental visits as well. There are different levels of sedation as well. At the lowest level of sedation, you will be conscious and you can respond to communication as well. It is only helping you to keep calm and relaxed.

In moderate sedation, you will feel slight sleepiness but you will still be able to respond to the dentist. You might fade out of consciousness a few times during the examination but this is expected with this level of sedation. The highest level of sedation is where you are mostly asleep. It will take some effort to wake you up but you will not be very conscious of the procedure that is taking place. The level of sedation will depend on how anxious you are. If you are only slightly nervous, you can have minimal sedation and still be responsive. You can also build your way up to minimal sedation if you harbour a debilitating fear of dental procedures.

If your anxiety is preventing you from consulting a dentist, then it is best to find out more about sleep dentistry. There are dental practices that provide this service so you can look for one in your vicinity. Pharmaceuticals will be used in minimal sedation technique but the patient will not retain much memory of the examination when it comes to moderate and deep sedation. One of the common sedatives used is nitrous oxide dental gas or laughing gas. This allows for minimal sedation of the patient. There are also pills that can be administered for oral sedation. IV drugs will ensure deep sedation. Sleep dentistry will allow you to control your anxiety during the visit and there is a fewer likelihood of you panicking in the middle of the procedure. You can also suppress your pain with these sedation options and pain is one of the main concerns that patients are less likely to visit the dentist.